The Purpose of Mother's Day Out

Mother's Day Out provides a loving and nurturing place for parents to place their Child(ren) while they tend to personal business.  We are committed to the reaching and teaching of preschoolers and their families.  We provide a Bible-Based curriculum designed to teach even our youngest the wonderful love of Jesus

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Registration and Tuition Fees

Two Day Program

Registration $200 Annually 

Tuition $220 monthly

One Day Program

Registration $150 annually

Tuition $120 monthly

What to Expect 

Organized learning activities are carefully planned to encourage the physical, mental, social, emotional and spirtual development of preschoolers.  Throughout the day the children have opportunities to participate in learning experiences about God and His special book, the Bible.  Each child is their own person and we seek to provide opportunities for them to develop their individuality, but we also help them to relate to other children and adapt to group situations.  


Our daily activities include Bible stories, handwork, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor play, music time, quiet time, and most importantly, loving individual attention.   


Periodically throught the year, we provide special programs and guest, nature walks, and other various activities.  

If you have any question our staff would love to help you!


Jeanie Austin

MDO Director

Dawna Hendrix

MDO Assistant Director

School Day & Hours

Provides a Two-Day a Week Program

On Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am until 2:30pm

Provides a One-Day a Week Program

On Wednesdays 9:30am until 2:30pm

Mother's day Out will follow the Spring Independent School District Calendar for all weather days.