God is calling His people to pray!  As Christ-followers, we know that prayer is our hope even when the world around us seems to be out of control and many are losing hope. We also know that God loves to hear His people join together to raise their prayers to Him. We are asking you to click the corresponding district you live in and download the PDF link, which lists the schools in your area. Pray for the administrators, teachers, and students who are facing challenges as schools resume in our area. You may want to drive to area school parking lots and pray over each campus. As part of the local body of believers here at Spring Baptist Church, we desire to see the Lord work in and through us as we spread THE HOPE within us–– Jesus–– to our community and the world. Will you accept this challenge to pray?   In addition to praying for the Spring Baptist Academy, we have included links to area districts.

ALDINE ISD -Download Map Here