9:00 a.m. Adult Classes 

Bread of Life (Coed, 70+) D302

Our mission verse is "And Jesus said unto them, ‘I am the bread of life. He that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.’ " (John 6:35) We believe the main purpose of Sunday morning Bible study is to study the Word, build each other up, and form a community of believers to support one another. Byron Boyce, Director; Don Brantley, Teacher.


Caring Friends (Coed, Men, & Ladies, 60+) D208

This is a department of Senior Adults of many ages who gather to study God’s Word and care for each other. We enjoy having fun, but we are always looking for ways we can serve the Lord. Dale Adkins, Director; Dale Adkins (Coed), Donnie Caton (Ladies); Joel Hollis (Men), Teachers.


Grateful Hearts (Coed, Men, & Ladies, 60+) D200

Having grateful hearts is what binds this group together as they serve and study God’s Word together. Jim Murphy, Director; Marlin Cherry (Coed), Eileen Jones (Ladies), and Ken Glass / Marvin Moran (Men), Teachers.


Joy Class (Ladies, 50+) D104

A ladies only class of married, widowed, and divorced who love the Lord and enjoy the special fellowship they share. Linda Bell, Director; Carol Short, Teacher.


Joyful Age (Coed, Men, & Ladies, 65+) D301

A special group of loving and caring church members who meet each week to study God’s Word and put their faith in action by being of service to each other and to the community. James Morell, Director; W.A. Cook (Coed), Judy Castleman (Ladies), and Gary Woods (Men), Teachers.


Sharing Love (Coed, 75+) D101

This class has lived to serve for many years. They enjoy studying God’s Word together and always welcome newcomers. Wayne Foster, Director; Ken Ritter, Teacher.


Soul Survivors (Coed, 45-65) D306

We are a diverse class of all ages, couples and singles. We enjoy class participation and encourage a back-and-forth exchange. Our goal is the study of scripture and its application in our daily lives. Through the blessings and trials we experience and share with each other, we've become close friends and great prayer partners! Come and see God at work in our class! John Neal, Director; Brad Adair, Teacher.

10:30 a.m. Adult Classes

ALIVE in Christ (Coed, 35+) D303

Our class comes ALIVE with the study of God’s Word! Come join us! Patrick Meehan, Director; Mike McCaskill, Teacher.


Christ’s Servants (Coed, 40-50) D208

The primary focus of this class is serving (For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. – Mark 10:45). Our class enjoys fellowships and attending sporting events and Christian concerts. We have a great teacher that brings a challenging message with lots of open discussion. Come and join us. Rick Williams, Director; Richard Carson, Teacher.


Couples of Faith (Coed, 30-45) D300

This Bible study class ministers to married adults primarily in their 30’’s. We have a fantastic group of friendly Christian men and women. We regularly host men’s and women’s events, family fellowships, and impactful Bible studies. Chris Sacchieri, Director; John Harrison, Teacher.


Exceptional Spirit (Special Needs, Adults) D100

A special class for special people. They are nurtured and loved and taught God’s Word weekly. Kathy Besch and Juanita Morris, Teachers.


Flying Solo (Ladies, 20+) D207

This is a class for young single moms who have the task of raising their families and bringing them to church alone. Bambi Gonzales, Director; Robin Estep, Teacher.


Grateful Led (Coed, 50-60) D203

We love meeting new people, so we hope you will come be a part of our class. Dick Rusk, Director; Milton Kelley, Teacher.


Inside Out (Coed, 30+) D301

One of our younger classes, their primary focus is to minister to younger couples and individuals. They enjoy fellowships and getting together as families. They love having visitors and new members. Bryon Vandergriff, Director; Ryan Bailey, Teacher.


Kingdom Marriage (Coed, 25-35) D304B

Giving young couples a solid, biblical foundation to strengthen their marriages and build authentic relationships. Justin Lofts, Director; Nick Trevino, Teacher.


Master’s Vessels (Ladies & Men, 60+) D200

Serving Christ and loving each other is at the center of what holds this class together. Come join us for a great Bible study. Bob Hatcher, Director; Dave Pratt (Men), Nancy Akin & Kitty Phillips (Ladies), Teachers.


Premiere Class (Coed Singles, 50+) A110

We are a very active group and enjoy socializing with one another. Besides meeting every Sunday for Worship and Life Group, we also enjoy various social events from meeting at Starbucks to taking scheduled trips such as cruises and single adult conferences. Jon Crenshaw, Teacher.


Quest (Coed, 40-50) E106

This is a class of many stages of life sharing one common faith. We have a wide age range of welcoming folks who enjoy sound Biblical teaching and great discussion with practical application. Our teacher makes the Bible come alive through PowerPoint lesson presentations and thought-provoking discussion questions. Tim Highley, Director; Mark Smith, Teacher.


Retreat Class (Single Moms of All Ages) A105

This class was designed specifically for single mothers who want a solid Bible study class with the added benefit of being with others who understand what being a single mom is all about. Dolores Mendiola, Director; Spring Payne, Teacher. 


Uplifters (Coed, 50-65) D302

The class goal is to study and share God’s Word, thereby edifying His Kingdom. This group consists of mixed ages and backgrounds who have a passion to love and serve one another because Christ first loved us. Our members share God’s many blessings with an enthusiastic spirit of giving and helping others. Eric Harvey, Director; Jimmy Stohler, Teacher.


UpWords (Coed, 55-65) D306

This class is based on Colossians 3:2, which states "Set your mind on things above and not the things that are on the earth." It is made up of people of a variety of ages, who enjoy studying and laughing together. Pat Chapman, Director; Dave Chapman, Teacher.


Walk of Faith (Coed Singles, 40-50) A103

If you are looking for a Sunday school class that offers in-depth Bible studies, then this is the class for you. The teacher brings a lot of wisdom that is relevant and applicable to the life of a single adult. This is a very active class that enjoys fellowships and meeting new people. Kevin Hyden, Director; Joe Garza, Jr./David Swienton, Teachers.


Young at Heart (Ladies, 65+) D101

We have so much to thank God for, and we are trusting Him for what lies ahead. But most importantly, we seek Him in our daily lives as we serve Him. Our department is very missionary minded. We support a missionary couple who serve the Indians in North Dakota, and we also support the ministries in our church. Beverly White, Director; Priscilla Wilson, Teacher.


Young Adults (Coed, 20+) E106

This is a class of college and career-minded individuals who love the Lord and are looking for ways to influence our world today for Jesus. Mitch & Tonya McKinley, Teachers.


For questions about any of these classes, contact:

Charles Draper, Associate Pastor, Families & Discipleship, at

Laura Hazelwood, Director of Singles and Senior Adults, at

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